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If you want concise and consistent analysis and ideas, you’re in the right place! We’ve served traders at since 2004, and when you begin your membership here you’ll quickly learn it’s worth way more than we charge. We’ll save you time, share with you what matters, and provide you with plays of only the highest quality.

You can even try it for free (or here’s a sample), and here’s what you’ll get:

Improvement. You can’t help but improve by adding our objective analysis, discipline, and a proven method to your approach. Toss in regular interaction with a professional trader, learning when to be in the market and when to stay sidelined, and it’s a recipe for unbelievable value. Great plays can pay the bills and grow wealth, but well-timed caution can help you keep it. We offer both.

Simplicity. We’ll do the research for you and serve up only the very best plays to choose from, complete with a trade structure for each.

Market Analysis. Whether you trade market-tracking ETF’s or just understand the influence of the broad market on individual stocks, you’ll benefit from knowing where things currently stand and which levels to watch out for in tomorrow’s session.

Swing Trading Candidates. The plays are the heart of our service! Four evenings per week (Sun – Wed), you’ll receive our email report containing the stocks which are primed right now for multi-day to multi-week moves, and we’ll provide those setups with the technical entry, stop and target levels associated with their unique patterns. This gives you set-it-and-forget-it convenience rather than tying you to the PC throughout each trading day. Each report is also archived inside our member area.

A Weekly Look at YOUR Charts. We go one step further than any other site with a weekly (Thurs) feature where Jeff White will examine YOUR stocks to share technical insights that improve your own analysis. By getting our plays Sun – Wed and then getting your setups reviewed each Thursday, it’s a tremendous value-add to your membership that you’ll find nowhere else (we checked).

Bandits also receive trade lessons, a few other special features, and additional resources to hone their trading skills.

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